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(Updated) Ten Traditions to Start With Your Family

(Updated) Ten Traditions to Start With Your Family

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Family Traditions.

Family traditions can be something your family looks forward to every week, month or year. Turning into fond childhood memories for your children and memories for you.

It’s nice to have fresh ideas every once in a while. Here are ten fun traditions you can start with your family this week!

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1. Friday Pizza and Movie Night

This tradition is so simple, but one of my family looks forward to every week. Our girls get to take turns picking a movie to watch. We order a pizza (sometimes making our own) and cuddle up on the couch

. My husband and I make sure to put our phones and any distractions away during this time. We want our girls to know that this night is as important to us as it is to them.

We usually pop some popcorn as well. Our girls are obsessed with popcorn. We recently made Unicorn Popcorn just for the fun of it.

2. Game Night Traditions

Game night traditions offer a great opportunity for families.

Not only do you get time together apart from electronics. It can encourage bonding, learning, and problem solving, all in one night!

I play games with my children because I want them to learn the proper way to handle themselves if they end up losing. (no I don’t let my kid win!)

I also want to encourage bonding and sharing between siblings. Pick a night once a week or month and start your own game night!

3. Mommy/Daddy Dates

We have two girls.

I spend all day with both of them.

But sometimes it is nice to get out with just one at a time and spend that one on one time. Kids need that alone time with both sets of parents. It encourages closeness and bonding.

Dates out with parents also remind your child that they are important to you. That yes they deserve some face time with their parents too.

Take a look at my Mommy/Daughter date idea list! Soe of these could also work for daddies and sons too.

4. Bedtime Stories

We have been reading bedtime stories with our kids since they were babies. Almost every night each one gets their own story of their choosing.

Again, this encourages bonding and literacy/comprehension skills.

Who doesn’t love a good book?

5. Saturday Morning Breakfast

I am not a breakfast person. I do not like to make big breakfasts unless it’s for dinner!

My husband, on the other hand, gets up almost every Saturday (he wakes with the sun like Anna from Frozen) and makes a big breakfast for us. Pancakes, eggs, and sausage. Maybe bacon or toast in there sometimes.

Our girls look forward to the weekends because daddy is home and daddy makes a big breakfast!

6. Box of Goals

Reminding ourselves of the goals we have as a family is important. Otherwise, you can just go along with the current.

Have each person in your family write (or tell you if they are little!) their goals for the month or year. Put them in a box and revisit this box every month or year, depending on what the goals are, to reevaluate how close you all are!

You can even let your child decorate the box for fun!

7. Happiness Jars

Decorate a jar (a mason jar or oatmeal can work great!) with your child.

Leave a stack of paper next to the jar in a place that is easily accessible to all members of your family.

When something happens during the day that makes you happy, write it down and stick it in the jar! At the end of the week, month or even year pull the notes out and enjoy revisiting those happy moments as a family!

Here is how we made our happiness jars!

8. Favorite Part of the Day Traditions

This one is simple. I love asking each of my family members what their favorite part of the day was during dinnertime. It’s become a favorite and EASY tradition.

9. Cooking with Your Child

My oldest daughter loves to cook! She says she’s going to be a chef.

Set aside a day or two where you can invite your child to cook an easy meal with you. They will gain cooking skills and love spending that quality time with you.

10. Child Interview Traditions

At the beginning and end of every school year, I interview my oldest daughter and keep the interview in a journal. It is fun to see how she changes over the years. You can even record the interviews for fun!

There you have it. Simple and easy family traditions you can start with your family this week!

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